How to Dramatically Increase Your Advertising Sales

How to Dramatically Increase Your Sales from Advertising

A FREE Step-by-Step Training that will Help You Spend Less & Increase Sales

Are you frustrated with the lack of results you're getting from your ad spend?

Do you feel like you're throwing your money at advertising in the hopes that something will stick and get you more customers?

Do you want to use marketing strategies that will allow you to calculate if your ad spend was profitable?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this training is for you!

This free training will show you step-by-step how to implement a more systematic approach to marketing for increased sales.

Here's what one business owner had to say after watching the video:

"With advertising being so expensive, I appreciated learning how to make our advertising and ROI calculations more effective. The call tracking info was also very interesting!”~ Michele Chalmers, Owner,The Original Flame

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Ruth  van Vierzen
Ruth van Vierzen
Business Growth Expert, Instructor

About the Instructor

Ruth van Vierzen is the owner of REVSquared Business Growth Agency.  She is an expert in guaranteed sales growth strategies, marketing and operations management. Ruth is also a public speaker who provides popular business seminars and workshops. 

What's included?

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How to Dramatically Increase Your Sales from Advertising

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